Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Is It About a Sleeping Baby?

I have this photo on my desktop at work. It’s my dear little grandson, Justin. I am holding him in the photo, and he is sound asleep in my arms. When things get bad, I minimize all my applications and just gaze at the photo. His little face has some strained carrots on it near the corner of his mouth, his little apple cheeks just begging to be squeezed. He looks like one of those Anne Geddes babies – an angel.

That photo has helped me get through some rough days – days when I consider just dropping everything and fleeing for my sanity.

I thank God every day for my beautiful little grandson.


  1. Oh, moments like these are just the best, aren't they?.. He looks like a little angel, Jeannie! God bless him. ~tina

  2. Adorable picture... Yes it does look like an Anne Geddes baby...

    I think everyone needs certain pictures or things to get through hard times... I have a little wooden box covered with silver foil that Michael made for me when he was in grade school. It says on the card that it is attached to, that if I want to hold his love in my hands, all I have to do is hold the box. His love is in it. That got me through his college years.

    ~ Susan