Friday, September 4, 2009

Four Hours Until The "Mystery Weekend"

I've been packing the car and getting ready to leave for...Oops! Almost let it slip! We'll be on the road when my husband gets home from work this evening.

It was another hectic afternoon. DS Tom and I chased the min pin up and down the street again! The dog slipped out the side door while I was on my way out with some items for the trip, and off he went! Up and down the street - both sides - at least 5 times! I was half tempted to just sit on the front step and wait for him to tire himself out, but I am just afraid he'll get hit by a car. We live on a street that people like to use as a "cut-through" from one main road to another. They come flying around the corner above us sometimes like a bat out of you-know-where. So up and down the sidewalk I trudged after him, alternating between "Oh, you cute little monkey!" and "Wait'll I get hold of you, you little #!%@^*#!@$!". He did tire himself out eventually and came trotting up to the front door and into the house.

Got to visit with Justin today - my son stopped in with him. I'll miss him this weekend. I'm sure we'll find a gift shop in the area and I certainly have to bring something home for him.

I'd like to thank Beansieleigh for the award on my sidebar! I also want to thank Beansieleigh once again for the great cell phone cozy she sent me. What a great little accessory that is! I have to tell you that before I got it, I would fumble in my purse looking for my phone. I'd pull out inhalers, compacts, mirrors and other items before getting my hands on the phone. Now I've got a nifty little yarn cover for it, and I have no trouble locating the phone now. Thanks, Tina!


  1. Oh Jeannie, if you only heard about how many cats get hit by cars around here.. I WISH people would keep them inside. Many pet owners consider it cruel, when in fact, it is keeping them SAFE! Now my parents have a cat who, maybe like your min pin, just WATCHES for that door, and that opportunistic moment, and she's off like a shot when she sees it! Something like that can't be helped, I know, and I'm glad your min pin (boy or girl?) was o.k. I am so glad you like the cell phone cosy!! I have used them for YEARS now! I LOVE THEM! It's true you can find your phone easier, but the reason I like them best is that it's that added protection if I DROP it!.. Well, I'm so excited for you, and I don't even know where you're going! Just be sure and have a WONDERFUL weekend!! It sounds as if the weather should stay nice for you! ~tina

  2. Hi, Tina
    We have two cats and keep them both indoors. Neither one minds it at all. My min pin buddy is fine - he usually behaves near the door, but for some reason he decided to skip out on me. He'll do it once every couple of months. I will have to ""