Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 7 - Friday - Day at Sea

A quiet day spent on the ship - we tried to figure out which islands we were passing by, spent time by the solarium pool, just lazed about and rested. A couple of times I found myself in tears, realizing that we'd be returning and some tough times lay ahead of my brothers, sisters and me. It will be time to go through Dad's house and take care of things there. I can't believe it all happened so quickly. He was living alone, driving here and there, talking to us on the phone, and 8 days later, he's gone.

At our last dinner together, we all took photos of the other couples at the table. What wonderful companions they were. Mary and Alan from Canada - turns out they were in the very next stateroom! Bob and Ellie - they tried parasailing and driving mini-buggies on their excursions. Jim and Carol - celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary on board the ship! And friends Marcia and Debbie - I will always remember their kindness - inviting me to go on their excursion with them when I was feeling down in the dumps. They all helped to make the trip a nice experience.

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