Monday, March 11, 2013

I Have a Blog Problem

I have someone contacting me through my blog asking for the pattern for a doll I crocheted (L'il Buster).  I have informed her where she can purchase the pattern (from Kathleen Early- easily found on the web) and kindly declined to provide her with a copy.  Her e-mails come through in Spanish and she says she has the pattern but it's blurry.  I asked her if she has a photocopy of the pattern and if so, that isn't permissible.  I also told her I will not provide her with another photocopy. 

I keep getting comments from her and I've had to mark her latest as spam, in order to stop the conversation in its tracks. 

I will not - ever - provide anyone with a copy of a pattern used to make any of the items I show on my blog.  I purchased the pattern and others can do the same.  I respect the copyrights of others.

If you see something on my blog that you like - thank you for your kind comments.  But please don't ask me to provide you with the pattern.  I cannot and will not do so.

Thank you!


  1. I have had the same problem before! I will provide with a link that they can buy or find the pattern to but will never send someone a pattern via email or else-where!! That's just not right! I hope this problems solves itself soon for you!

  2. I respect your choice to protect the intellectual rights of others. Maybe it would be helpful to link to patterns when you post your own projects. Just an idea. I'm happy I can now look for the doll pattern but before this I'd thought they were your original works.