Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm All A-Twitter...

Like I don't waste enough time on Facebook - now I'm tweeting. I should tweet the nearest psychologist and get myself some help! I found a few friends on twitter, but it doesn't look like they are very active yet. Most of the action is on Facebook.

 As if I don't have enough on my plate, I started an on-line college course, working toward a 2-year associates degree. Wait, let me correct that. This is 7 years into an associates degree. I wonder what the record is? At my co-worker's services, there was a memory board with a newspaper clipping - she and her mother graduated from college on the same day. Maybe one day my grandson and I will also graduate together - he with his bachelors and me with my walker and an associates degree...

 My father wanted to send me to the local community college when I graduated high school and I had my heart set on going to Temple University. Since none of us could afford Temple at the time, I declined college altogether and chose to start working instead. Always had intentions of going to college at some point. Well, now it's that point, and I'm trying to fit in classes whenever I can afford them and whenever I'm feeling well enough to succeed. I won't waste the time or the money if I can't do my very best in class. This course is an introduction to business. Business and I should never have met - I've never come across anyone as boring as Business. Looking forward to finishing though, and moving on to the next class. Maybe Italian?


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  1. Your ambition to get your degree is inspiring. Best of luck with your classes!