Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still Working On Christmas Gifts

I have been busy - I came up with an idea in my dreams last night. I dreamed I was making more Christmas ornaments. I guess that means I've been making too many, huh?
Anyway, this morning I sat down with red, yellow and white worsted weight yarn, and based on the sushi roll design, I fashioned a Christmas drum ornament. Here is the pattern:

You will need worsted weight yarn, as I mentioned earlier, and a size G crochet hook. You can use any three colors you wish. Gauge isn't really that important, because you can make adjustments to the number of rows as needed.

Start with white yarn and make 6 chains, single crochet into the second chain from the hook and in each chain across to make 5 stitches, ch 1 and turn. SC into each ch across, ch 1 and turn - make a total of 22 rows, changing to red yarn in the last st, ch 1 and turn. Repeat with the red yarn to make a total of 14 rows of red. Weave in the loose ends of yarn as you go along. (Please be aware that you may need to adjust your row counts - you will be forming the drum by rolling up the piece fairly tightly, starting with row 1. You may need to make more or fewer rows of red, based on how tightly you roll the drum.) Finish off the red, leaving a long end for sewing and for part of the cord for hanging the ornament. Sew together so that the ends blend smoothly, once you roll the piece and see that your red section touches but doesn't overlap. If the end is long enough, you can run a stitch or two loosely in one side of the drum and out the other side, and back again. Make sure that these stitches are not tight enough to cause a "dimple" in either side of the drum.) This will help to hold the drum together. I rolled the drum fairly tight, so I personally did not run stitches in and out.

Starting at the place where you finished off sewing and leaving a long starting end, join with a single crochet, and sc around the top of the drum, evenly spaced. On my example piece, I had used 16 stitches. You may have more or less, again based on how tightly you've rolled the drum. Do the same on the other end of the drum. Tie a knot in the two loose ends at the top of the drum, and you have your loop for hanging the drum on the tree. Weave in the remaining loose ends.

Using a long piece of yellow yarn and starting at the top of the drum directly across from the loop you made to hang the ornament, weave the yellow through the front bar in your sc at the top of the drum and then through the front bar of a sc at the bottom of the drum, staggering the weaving as shown in the photo. End the weaving where you started and tie the two ends into a bow, trimming to size needed.
Your ornament is now finished and ready for hanging on the tree! Enjoy!

You may make these ornaments for your own use, make as gifts or sell at Christmas bazaars or craft shows. I just ask that you not sell these ornaments on any online venue. Please do not post the pattern anywhere else, or sell this pattern in any way, shape or form.

Copyright Jeanne Stewart 2010

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