Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've Been Absent - Sorry...

I have to say - what a beautiful weekend I had on the 24th and 25th. On Saturday I started out the morning just sleeping it away. I don't like to do that. I used to like to get up early and enjoy the day. At lunch time, DS came out to ask if I would get something for him for lunch - we decided on Taco Bell. I got my shoes on and headed out the door, only to encounter the most beautiful sunny day I've seen in a while. I ran my errand and decided to stop by my dear friend's home to visit. She has been a rock during my recent difficult times, just as I supported her during her times of trial. We had a very nice visit and I suggested heading to Shadybrook Farm to see if they had any seed potatoes available. We both planted potatoes last year and got bumper crops of the best potatoes I've ever had.

We took a ride, and I ended up buying some more flowers for the front flower beds, along with some vegetable plants. We did buy the seed potatoes - just need hubby to till the garden. We had some homemade ice cream and really enjoyed the afternoon sun and conversation.

On Sunday, DH and I stopped by to visit with our other DS and his family. Little Justin was a little cranky - his mom Nicole said she thinks he's teething. We spent about an hour there, and before I left Justin came to me and put his arms up for me to pick him up. What an adorable little boy.

A very nice weekend, indeed.

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  1. Hi Jeannie! I LOVE potatoes, and a garden full of them sounds very good!! I hope you plan to snap some pictures of all your beautiful flowers too! Have you been crocheting anything new lately?.. Hope all is well! The weekend's almost here, and I am looking forward to it!!! ((hugs)) ~tina