Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Snowy Weekend With More To Come!

We have survived another snowy weekend, with an official total of 26.7 inches of snow at the Philadelphia airport. Being north of the city, our totals were ONLY 16 inches... According to our local meteorologist, since 1888, 78% of the snowstorms in the Philadelphia area have hit on weekends. For those who occasionally enjoy a snow day from work, that’s a bummer. For those of us living in this area who have been in the habit of praying for a white Christmas and being constantly disappointed, we have been socked with nor’easters a-plenty this year. Same goes for those along the coast. I’m sure that those of you living in the Carolinas, Washington DC and other coastal states can attest to that fact.

And guess what? News reports say that we can expect anywhere from 12 – 18 ADDITIONAL inches of snow starting sometimes on Tuesday night and possibly ending Thursday morning. We had 16 inches in our little backyard on Saturday. The sun came out on Sunday and by this morning, it looked to be only 4-5 inches of snow on our lawn. Thankfully, that means we won’t be living with 3 feet of snow all at one time.

Let’s throw a crochet note in here this morning. I haven’t kept at it regularly for a while and I brought my lavender and white round ripple to work on at lunch time. I will give it a try. Not sure how it’s going to work. I suffered a kitchen injury on Sunday. I really have to stay out of there! I’m dangerous! I was cooking a pot of split pea soup and ended up with a second-degree burn to my finger in the process. Last night I had a dime-sized blister on my finger, but when I woke up this morning I found it had tripled in size. It’s huge! I’m trying to protect it as they say that is the best way for it to heal. Why am I such a klutz in the kitchen? Anyway, I’m not sure how holding the hook is going to work out, or if the blister will prevent me from being able to work stitches. I’ll try it. If not, I have my Kindle to read. I’m currently reading “Dear John”. It’s wonderful so far. Nicholas Sparks writes a great love story. I read “Nights at Rodanthe” and I’ve since downloaded some of his other novels.

Back from a trip to the doctor's office for my burned finger. After "de-roofing" the blister and wrapping it, the doctor also game me a tetanus shot.


  1. I think it's time for Old Man Winter and Mother Nature to get some marriage counseling! Our part of VA gets snow about once a year & it only sticks long enough to cause some icy roads - but this year? YIKES! It's everywhere - of course, not nearly what you guys are experiencing. A White Christmas would have been lovely, but little Cupid flies around in his flimsy little getup & he's bound to be freeze his little bow & arrow this Valentines Day if the snow keeps up! Stay warm & safe! Got any snow-bound inspired crochet projects going on?

  2. Good luck with your ripple and with the snow! Isn't the Kindle awesome? I'm enjoying some of the FREE books available for it. I guess it's a good way for authors to get a little extra exposure.