Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Windows!

Our new windows are going in today - the workers have been here since 7:40 this morning. I'm impressed with the speed at which they managed to remove the old windows. I can't wait for the living room to be finished. I'm going from two smaller windows to a bay window. I've always wanted a bay window in the living room and now we'll finally have one. The hardest part of the day so far has been moving 3 dogs and 2 cats from place to place, to keep them out of the way!

I'm home from work until the end of August, at least. My knee replacement this time hasn't been as easy as the last one - at least it doesn't seem to be. But I'm keeping up with the exercises.

It's a hot, hot day out and I can't wait until the windows are in, so I can close them all up and turn the air conditioner on! How ironic is that? I was going to crochet some this morning, but it's a bit too sticky in here. So I'll work on my shawl this afternoon.

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