Sunday, June 8, 2008

We're Having a Heat Wave - A Tropical Heat Wave!

Temperatures are in the 90s through this coming Wednesday. We went from early spring to late summer! Whew! The 3 amigos (dogs) don't spend too much time outside. They do their thing and they're right back in the house. I don't blame them. Dog's best friend is central air conditioning!

My cortisone shot in the knee gave me some pain relief. 3 days worth, to be exact. When I called the doctor to let him know I was having more problems, he said he expected it. Replacement surgery is imminent. I should call this week to schedule it, I guess. I won't be dreading it like the first one, seeing as how I know what to expect now.

Watching the Phillies game is finally fun. They seem to be on track this year. Too bad my Dad didn't get to see another good year of Phillies baseball.

I came across a really cute pattern I want to try on Ana Paula's blogspot. I'm not an Amigurumi fan, but this little jellyfish is adorable. Scroll down to see the jellyfish - makes me want to make a dozen of them!

Stay cool, everyone!

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