Sunday, March 9, 2008

Work of Art

I've had a tough week, so no blogging recently. I have to take the time to post a photo of my newest acquisition - a "Jimbo" hook. I have been trying it out to see if I require additional customization - i.e. a thumb rest. But I think it's perfect just the way it is. I cannot describe how smooth and light this hook is, and it's so beautiful! Thank you, Jimbo! You are a genius! I heartily recommend checking out Jimbo's blog. You'll find a link to the right.

The yellow piece shown with the hook will be a round ripple baby afghan - probably a donation. I purchased some "I Love This Yarn" through Crafts etc. online. It is so soft. I need to make a baby afghan for my brother to give as a gift to a friend. The afghan needs a fringe, and I've noticed that this yarn separates easily when cut. So I'll probably use something else for the gift afghan.

My rosaries are finished and have been sent to my sister for the church bazaar. That is being held today, so I hope they sold them.

My name made it into the Mid-Atlantic Scuba Center newsletter this month. They printed a report of their Florida Keys trip, and mentioned the pasta dinner we had on Saturday night. I cooked a huge pan of rigatoni, sauce, cheese and sausage. Everyone was really starving after their dives and it didn't take long for them to finish off the meal. I'm glad I was able to help out! Even if I'm not a scuba diver. I miss the warm weather and sunshine. I can't wait for spring to get here. The weather was awful yesterday, with downpours and wild winds. The power was out on the other side of our neighborhood. For once, we were on the lucky side.

Time to get back to crocheting...

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