Saturday, December 27, 2014

Score! A Great Walmart Find!

I went out yesterday - day after Christmas - to take advantage of half-off Christmas items.  I needed gift bags, having used the last of them this year, and unable to save too many that were recyclable.  My dad was the original recycler, and I remember when we were kids we had to be so careful unwrapping gifts, because Dad even folded up the used wrapping paper and we used it again the next year.  LOL!  You just had to be sure to cross out the previous recipient's name so that the gift went to the right person.

Anyway - the item I scored?  I found solid white foam balls in the clearance aisle.  Similar to these:

The good part is that they already have ornament toppers and ribbon hangers attached.  I use these to crochet puppy and teddy bear ornaments.   The best part is that they were only 24 cents a piece!  I bought nearly a hundred.  Yes, that's a lot of crocheting ahead of me.  I plan to give as Christmas gifts next year.

Here is a photo of one of the ornaments I make:

Project for the new year!!

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