Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Donation 'Ghan

6 days until my life changes drastically.  Hopefully, for the better.  While I'm trying new medications to help me, I've been trying to keep my mind and hands busy to keep the racing thoughts, the doubts and anxiety and the palpitations away.  Here is an afghan I hooked to use as a donation to St. Mary Medical Center.

I've been investigating the idea of doing more charity work, and they have a program called Healing Environments.  One of their groups consists of off-site crafters.  They are searching for people to make lapghan sized afghans or quilts, shawls, caps and other items for people who are receiving chemotherapy, dialysis, or are hospitalized for long periods of time, and especially for hospice patients. 

This will be my first donation for that group.  It's called the Vintage Fan Ripple and the pattern is free on Ravelry.  I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Your kind thoughts and prayers for my work situation would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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  1. Best wishes on finding a great job. Beautiful blanket. Sounds like a great charity group.