Friday, May 2, 2014

Got Kittens?

We did - found them on our back porch.  Mama cat ran away when our dog discovered them hiding under the stored lawn furniture on the porch.  Mama had moved 2 of them to the table top to keep them out of the way of the dog, but the third was on the ground.  Our dog didn't hurt them - just barked at them.  Three little babies.  The fourth kitten of the litter was turned over to a neighbor when it was found sitting under the downspout during a pouring rainstorm.  It was soaked to the skin. 

Later mama cat moved two of the babies to a new location but never returned for the third.  I don't think she can count.  So the third abandoned kitten was turned over to the same neighbor who is bottle feeding both of them.  Thankfully they both will have forever homes when they are weaned.  And if we can catch the remaining two kittens, they will have homes too.  Everyone wants them!

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