Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Quiet Sunday Morning - Coffee and Yarn

It's a beautiful day.  It's gray and overcast, cool and damp.  But it's a beautiful day just the same.  I am sitting here with my iced coffee (from Dunkin Donuts, naturally) and I'm going to jot a quick update before I pick up my yarn and  hook for a while.  I haven't been able to crochet as much as I would like to. 

My online course is going well.  I have officially changed my major from Liberal Arts - General Interest to one that is Psychology oriented.  I am enjoying the class, even though it is severely cutting into my crochet time!  LOL! 

I have a job interview scheduled for Monday morning.  Whether I get the job or not, it's okay.  I've learned that all is in God's Hands and He has a plan for me.  I will do my best in the interview but I won't be crushed if it doesn't work out.

Hope you are all enjoying your morning too!

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